We make strong bonds of attachment to others and when these bonds are broken, as in death, a strong emotional reaction occurs. Grief is a natural process that occurs when we loose someone we love. It's a powerful emotion that is painful and exhausting both physically and emotionally. It affects different people in different ways. Working through grief is a life-long process which includes readjusting to a world without the person who died.

     You may be experiencing intense anguish, or maybe you’re not exhibiting your grief in the conventional sense and even though some of us can maneuver through our grief and sorrow, it’s sometimes easier to avoid the pain that is associated in doing so. When grief is protracted over a period of years, it can be complicated by clinical depression. Working through your sorrow and allowing yourself to express your feelings, especially during the early stages of grief, will help you to heal.


Elma Pisano, LCSW-R

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