Divorce Counseling

No matter what stage of divorce you may be at (planning, separated, finalized), you understand the increased level of stress and anxiety that accompany it. Marital separation and divorce can be the most difficult events in an adult’s life. Much of the stress comes from four sources:

  • Increased financial responsibilities

  • Daily tasks/responsibilities that must be reorganized

  • The loss of significant relationships/possessions

  • Establishing a new identity as an individual

and if you have children guilt is inextricably woven into the equation somewhere. You may be suddenly questioning your parenting skills as you redefine your new role as a single person.

We will help you eliminate the tension from your life by learning strategies to cope with the pressures of divorce, make confident decisions and successfully transition to a brighter future. Take this time to rediscover who you are by realizing your full potential and rebuild your life one step at a time.


Elma Pisano, LCSW-R

Experienced Divorce Therapist / Counselor in Smithtown, NY
267 East Main Street, Suite 22B, Smithtown, NY 11787
Phone: 631-724-0600