(For all psychiatric emergencies Dial “911”)

Child Abuse Hotline 1 (800) 342-3720

LIGALY (LI Gay And Lesbian Youth) 1 (631) 665-2300

NY Domestic Violence Hotline 1 (800) 942-6908

Poison Control Center 1 (516) 542-2323

Response Hotline 1 (631) 751-7500

Runaway Hotline 1 (518) 465-9524

Suicide & Crisis Counseling 1 (631) 751-7500

Suffolk Coalition Against Domestic Violence 1 (631) 666-8833

Suffolk Red Cross 1 (631) 924-6911

Suffolk Women's Services 1 (631) 853-8222

VIBS (Victims Information Bureau) 1 (631) 360-3730



Adult Issues

Abuse: A Man Named Dave, by Pelzer

Abuse: The Lost Boy, by Pelzer

Adult Development: Tuesday With Morrie, by Albom

Aging: The Fountain Of Age, by Friedman

Aging: The Virtues of Aging, by Carter

Anxiety: Don't Panic Taking Control Of Anxiety Attacks, by R. Reid

Wilson, Ph.D.

Anxiety: The Panic Attack Recovery Book, by Swede & Jaffe

Death & Grieving: A Grief Observed, by Lewis

Death & Grieving: After The Death Of A Child, by Finkbeiner

Death & Grieving: Death Be Not Proud, by Gunther

Death & Grieving: Motherless Daughter, by Edleman

Death & Grieving: The Grief Recovery Handbook, by John W. James and Russell


Death & Grieving: The Wheel of Life, by Kubler-Ross & Gold

Death & Grieving: The Year of Magical Thinking, by Didion

Dementia/Alzheimer's: Elegy For Iris, by Bayley

Depression: Darkness Visible, by Styron

Depression: Down Came The Rain, by Shields

Depression: Leaves From Many Seasons, by Mowrer

Depression: Listening to Depression How Understanding Your Pain Can Heal

Your Life, by Lara Honos-Webb, PH.D.

Depression: On The Edge Of Darkness, by Cronkite

Depression: The Noonday Demon, by Solomon

Depression: Undercurrents, by Manning

Happiness: The Happiness Project, by Rubin

PTSD: Trauma And Recovery, by Judith Herman, M.D.

Suicide: Night Falls Fast, by Jamison

Child & Adolescents

ADHD: ADHD Handbook for Families, by Weingartner

ADHD: Mommy I Can't Sit Stil, by Dr. K. Daniel O'Leary

ADHD: The Little Monster, by Jergen

ADHD: Parenting A Child With ADHD, by Boyles & Contadino

ADHD: The ADD/ADHD Checklist-A Practical Reference For Parents and

Teachers, by Sandra F. Rief, M.A.

Autism/Asperger's: Born On A Blue Day, by Tammet

Autism/Asperger's: Emergence, by Grandin & Scariano

Divorce: Helping Children Cope With Divorce, by Edward Teyber

Eating Disorders: Dying To Be Thin, by Ira M. Sacker, M.D. & Marc A. Zimmer,


GLBT: True Selves Understanding Transsexualism, by Mildred L. Brown &

Chloe Ann Rounsley

OCD: The Boy Who Couldn't Stop Washing, by Judith L. Rapoport, M.D.

Puberty: How To Talk To Your Child About Sex, by Linda and Richard Eyre

Recovery: Now That You're Sober, by Earnie Larsen

Self-Esteem: Raising Cain Protecting The Emotional Life Of Boys, by Dan

Kindlon, PH.D & Michael Thompson, PH.D

Self-Esteem: How to Build Rock Solid Kids, by Keith Hafner

Self-Esteem: Strong Mothers Strong Sons, Raising The Next Generation Of

Men, by Ann F. Caron, ED.D

Self-harm: Freedom From Self-Harm, by Kim L. Gratz, Ph.D & Alexander L.

Chapman, Ph.D.

Self-harm: Helping Teens Who Cut, by Michael Hollander, PhD

Substance Abuse: A Driking Life, by Hamill

Substance Abuse: Beautiful Boy, by Sheff

Substance Abuse: Broken Cord, by Dorris

Substance Abuse: Drinking: A Love Story, by Knapp

Substance Abuse: Getting Better: Inside AA, by Robertson

Substance Abuse: Go Ask Alice, by Anonymous

Suicide: Night Falls Fast, by Jamison 

Couples and Marriage

Abuse: The Verbally Abusive Relationship-How To Recognize It And How To

Respond, by Patricia Evans

Divorce: The Grief Recovery Handbook, by John W. James and Russell


Relationship: Relationship Repair, by Robin Westen

Sexual Addiction: A Couple's Guide To Sexual Addiction. A Step-By-Step Plan To

Rebuild Trust & Restore Intimacy, by Paldrom Catharine

Collins and George N. Collins, MA

 Eating Disorders

Anorexia/Bulemia: The Secret Language of Eating Disorders, by Peggy Claude-Pierre

Compulsive Eating: Breaking Free From Compulsive Eating, by Roth

Compulsive Eating: Feeding the Hungry Heart, by Roth

Overeating: Twelve Steps For Overeaters, by Elisabeth L.